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Hardee's Road Construction
S.R. 0008 Section A32, Hardee's Road Intersection Improvement, Allegheny County – District 11

  • 16 acquisition claims
  • Design-build project, partnered with Frank J. Zottola Construction
  • Intersection expansion project featuring the addition of turning lanes in each direction in a heavily-traveled suburban commercial corridor adjacent to a PA Turnpike interchange
  • Acquisitions included a mix of residential and commercial properties, including an office complex, bank, restaurant, church, convenience store/gas station, and two small shopping centers
  • Resolved complex title issues including a condominium association and a claim where ownership was a term estate for years, which also resulted in negotiations with a remainder estate.
  • 11 properties acquired amicably and 5 by Declaration of Taking
  • (Interstate Acquisition Services) IAS was subcontractor who facilitated the fee appraisals, including generating APAs and soliciting.