Targeting your right of way needs

SMECO's Southern Maryland Reliability Project

  • An upgrade which replaced 30 miles of an existing dual circuit 69kV transmission line with a quad circuit 230kV transmission line.
  • The majority of the Project took place in existing SMECO easements.
  • ARROW worked closely with SMECO and their engineering consultants during planning, construction and restoration over a 4 year period to limit the disturbance to neighboring land owners as much as possible.
  • This was done through the development and execution of a Land Owner Communication Plan completed specifically for this Project.
  • Over 350 individual land owners were contacted and all issues and complaints were managed by ARROW. Which limited disturbances to the overall Project and assisted in maintain a positive Public Relations campaign.
  • ARROW obtained 15 temporary easements for construction yards and access roads.  Along with several permanent easements necessary for the installation and maintenance of the new 230kV line.