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Amanda Hood
Project Manager


Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS)
PA Notary

Amanda joined ARROW in August 2011 following her graduation from the Pennsylvania State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Community, Environment, & Development, along with minors in Sociology and Environmental Inquiry. Amanda presently works in ARROW's centrally located Harrisburg office.

Amanda has provided the full range of acquisition services including, but not limited to: residential and business claim negotiation and settlement; title searches; drafting of agreements of sale and deeds; residential and business relocations; and complex acquisition procedures required by the Eminent Domain Code and Federal Uniform Act. In her role as a Project Manager, Amanda is responsible for overseeing right-of-way projects from initial setup and schedule development through negotiations, relocations, and right-of-way clearance. Amanda also performs plan review, project field view and scoping, and appraisal coordination functions. She ensures that ARROW serves as an extension of the client to meet right-of-way clearance deadlines within budget and in compliance with the DOT Right-of-Way Manual, claimant contact requirements, and agency policy.

In addition to clearing right-of-way in DOT Districts 4, 5, 8 and 10, Amanda participated in the highly successful Luzerne County Bridge-Bundling Project, a pilot program in DOT District 4-0; the high-profile Early Completion Bridges in DOT District 5-0; Pennsylvania's on-going public-private partnership (P3) Rapid Bridge Replacement Project, as well as the on-going train station projects in the Amtrak Keystone Corridor sponsored by DOT's Bureau of Intermodal Transportation.

Amanda has received certificates for accomplishments in Offer Preparation and Presentation, the Declaration of Taking Process, and Waiver Valuation Preparation.