Targeting your right of way needs

Brenda Wiedman


American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) – Altoona Section
Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS)
Associated Pennsylvania Contractors (APC)
International Right of Way Association (IRWA)
American Counsel for Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania (ACEC)

Brenda leads our team as CEO and Principal-in-Charge. She manages and oversees all aspects of the company's operation, including fiscal, personnel management, and project management, while ensuring client satisfaction and fostering positive client relations. As Co-Founder, Brenda has launched satellite offices in Delmont, Forty Fort, and Harrisburg.

Brenda analyzes and plans Project Managers' workload and monitors project clearance dates and budgets. She also implements training programs and materials, such as AIM - ARROW Information Management - which is ARROW's dedicated online system, developed from the ground up to capture all project-related data and to produce reports of any type specific to client needs.

Brenda is a highly-motivated professional with over 27 years of managerial and leadership experience, and a solid understanding of the Right-of-Way Transportation Field. She is well-versed in PA Department of Transportation procedures, the Uniform Act, Federal-Aid Programs, Local Public Sponsor Acquisition Rules and Regulations, and the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code. A lengthy list of her experience includes hundreds of projects for cities, counties, and transportation authorities.