Targeting your right of way needs

Brittany Greaser
Project Manager


American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) – Active Board Member of Altoona Section
Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS)
PA Notary

Brittany has been with ARROW since May of 2011. She works as a Project Manager and Senior Right-of-Way Consultant. Brittany is responsible for overseeing right-of-way projects from initial setup and schedule development through negotiations, relocations and right-of-way clearance. Brittany also performs plan review, project field view and scoping, and appraisal coordination functions. 

She manages teams of right-of-way negotiators and relocation specialists, and ensures that ARROW serves as an extension of the client -- following proper procedures while maintaining both the project schedule and fiscal responsibility.

Brittany trains newly-hired agents and specialists at ARROW. As part of the management team, she assists in the development and implementation of company reporting systems and day-to-day operational policies.

She has experience in right-of-way projects in PennDOT's Engineering Districts 4, 6, 10, 11 and 12. Brittany has extensive experience in both acquisition and relocation claims.

Brittany has assisted in clearing right-of-way on several high-profile project in recent years, including the I95 Sec BSR Interstate Expansion project in District 6-0, Philadelphia County, SR 4001 Sec 402 Highway Expansion project in District 4-0, Pike County, SR 0119 Sec 498 Highway Expansion project in District 10-0, Indiana County and SR 0021 Sec J10 Highway Expansion Project in District 12-0, Fayette County.