Targeting your right of way needs

Drew Salko
Principal & Project Manager


American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) - Northeast Pennsylvania Section
PA Notary

Drew began his career working with the PennDOT District 4 Right-of-Way Unit as a college intern. For two years, Drew learned the basics of right-of-way acquisition and relocation, and honed his skills in reading and understanding engineering plans.

Immediately after college graduation in May 2004, Drew joined the ARROW team. During his time with ARROW, Drew has mastered all areas of the right-of-way process, from title searches to negotiations to relocations. He has negotiated countless claims, performed residential and business relocations, property management and has even testified as a witness for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Not long after starting with ARROW, Drew was promoted into the role of Project Manager. Some of the more high profile projects he has managed in Pennsylvania include the Airport Access Road and I-81 Exit 178 improvement project in Luzerne County, LPA Pilot Bridge projects, and P3 Early Action Bridge Projects in Districts 4 & 5. He has managed over 50 projects to clearance and completion. Additionally, Drew has recently overseen multiple Federal and State Interagency acquisitions. 

Drew's knowledge and understanding of basic engineering design and construction principles have made him ARROW's go-to person for teaching new hires how to read and understand plans. As part of Arrow's various services, he frequently provides plan comments, review and feedback to designers. He is also a Member of ASHE Northeast Penn and has been a presenter at several ASHE meetings during his career.