Targeting your right of way needs

Michael Metrik
Project Manager


American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) - Altoona Section
PA Notary 

Michael has been with ARROW since 2006, and has served as a project manager since 2009. Mike is responsible for overseeing right-of-way projects from initial setup and schedule development through negotiations, relocations and right-of-way clearance. Mike performs plan review, project field view and scoping, and appraisal coordination functions. 

He manages teams of right-of-way negotiators and relocation specialists, and ensures that ARROW serves as an extension of the client -- following proper procedures while maintaining both the project schedule and fiscal responsibility.

Mike trains newly-hired agents and specialists at ARROW. As part of the management team, he assists in the development and implementation of company reporting systems and day-to-day operational policies.

He has experience in right-of-way projects in over half of PennDOT's twelve Engineering Districts. His main focus over the past few years has been in western Pennsylvania. Mike has extensive experience in both acquisition and relocation claims, both as a front-line agent and as a project manager.

Mike has guided several high-profile projects to clearance in recent years, including the Interstate 70 New Stanton interchange relocation and realignment project in District 12-0, and the SR 51-88 intersection improvement project in District 11-0 in conjunction with Interstate Acquisition Services. He has also served-as co-manager for ARROW's forty P3 bridge projects involving complex acquisitions from railroads, state agencies, and the U.S. government.