ARROW Information Management uses technology to improve customer project management.

With ARROW Information Management, or AIM, ARROW takes another step forward in cutting edge project management. Our team has been known for our management process that streamlines professional acquisition and relocation services. Since then, we have taken every step to customize our solutions to meet our client’s needs, create greater efficiency of delivery, and build uniformity in ARROW’s management style.

ARROW recognizes that technology is an integral part of your success and our growth, and we continue to invest in our Information Technology infrastructure and in-depth user training to offer better solutions for our customers.

What helps set us apart? AIM, our customized management system, is used to guide our agents and managers through the process of project delivery. AIM was built using ARROW’s experience with thousands of acquisition and relocation projects over the years.

ARROW leverages the latest technology to manage project data, documentation, milestones, fiscal management, workload management and progress reporting. AIM is ARROW’s dedicated, online system that was developed by our team of experts from the ground-up.

Projects managed by ARROW follow a detailed process. All project-related data is captured and loaded into AIM, then organized in a logical way for the entire project team to access. This enables team members to easily update the information, track the progress of projects, and share current, up-to-date information with everyone involved.

Thanks to this approach, dynamic needs of complex projects can be easily accommodated by involving additional resources from various expertise and ARROW locations.

Interested in having ARROW manage a project? ARROW’s management team will eagerly meet with you to discuss how AIM can produce customized reports and thorough tracking for all of your project needs.