Are you a public or private utility company? Do you have a need for any real estate or title services? If so, ARROW Land Solutions is your answer. We have a proven track record providing a variety of right-of-way and real estate services to many pipeline and utility companies.

Whether you require courthouse research, route planning services, right-of-way acquisition for utility or pipeline routes, liaison services with property owners or staging areas for construction, ARROW has a staff ready to assist you with your pipeline and utility services. Our staff becomes an extension of your business, providing any necessary services to help you complete your utility project on time and within budget.

Some of our pipeline and utility services include:

  • Right-of-way acquisition, aerial easements, parking, access and temporary construction areas
  • Preliminary field view
  • Right-of-way plan review
  • Title review for each property owner
  • Utility route planning for non-eminent-domain projects
  • Deed plotting
  • File setup and maintenance for individual properties
  • Recreation and rail trail planning and acquisitions
  • Weekly status reporting
  • Coordination of resolution for plan design, legal and property owner issues
  • Offer presentation, document preparation, claim negotiations, and amicable settlements
  • Condemnation document preparation, filing, and service (if condemnation is an option)
  • Litigation support and testimony
  • Post-condemnation support services (If condemnation is an option)
  • Tracking of project budgets and timelines

Arrow has completed projects for a number of clients, including:

  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)
  • T.W. Phillips Pipeline Corp.
  • Columbia Gas
  • Phillips Exploration
  • PC Exploration
  • Areva
  • Delcora
  • Penelec
  • Halcon Resources