Right-of-Way plan development is a critical path element of any roadway or bridge improvement project. Recent changes outlined in S.O.L. 482-15-10 state, in part, the District Right-of-Way staff will no longer be responsible for reviewing Final Right-of-Way plans. They will be available for consultation during plan development, but once a final, signed and sealed plan is delivered, they are expected to begin acquiring right-of-way immediately. Accuracy of a right-of-way plan at the outset of final design is therefore of paramount importance.

If a plan does not meet Quality Requirements, the Design Error Process may be pursued.

By involving ARROW Land Solutions early in Preliminary Design, your firm can avoid costly delays. Our involvement in Preliminary Design makes for a much smoother transition into the Final Design and ROW Acquisition phases. ARROW can provide the following services in Preliminary Design:

Title Investigation

Obtain deeds, tax maps, utility and right-of-way easements, subdivision plans, and leases. Assist with larger-parcel determinations.

Attend Scoping and Design Field Views

This provides the opportunity for a team discussion of the project’s impacts to real property. By involving ARROW’s staff, your Design Team gains a right-of-way perspective, enabling them to spot potential acquisition concerns so that they can be addressed early in the design process.

Attend Public Meetings

Having ARROW’s staff available ensures that all discussions of any potential entitlements or benefits are presented in accordance with the Department’s Right-of-Way Manual and Strike-Off letters, the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code, and the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970.

Right-of-Way Plan Review

As right-of-way professionals, ARROW’s staff can provide technical guidance to eliminate potential plan errors early in the design process, enabling more efficient design. Plan review services that ARROW offers include:

  • Contact property owners to verify ownership, and to ensure proper location of property lines, well and septic systems, and site improvements.
  • Review and comment on preliminary right-of-way plans
  • Identify larger-parcel issues
  • Coordinate Plan Consultations with District R/W staff
  • Photograph affected parcels to establish the “before” condition of the property.

Conceptual Stage Survey and Report

Collect pertinent data for inclusion in the conceptual stage report and uncover any easily recognized relocation problems.

Some tasks typically associated with Right-of-Way Acquisition and the Final Design Phase can be initiated in the Preliminary Design Phase if the District is comfortable with the current plan.

Appraisal Planning

ARROW’s experienced Appraisal staff can suggest appraisal types for District review, prepare draft Appraisal Problem Analyses, and prepare Waiver Evaluations.

Establishment of Individual Right-of-Way Claims

ARROW can set up individual parcels and establish claims within PennDOT’s Right-of-Way Office database and can begin preliminary preparation of right-of-way claim forms such as the Notice of Acquisition.