Property Management & Asbestos Inspection

Property Management is an important part of what we do at ARROW. Our expert staff includes a contractor, many subcontractors and a pair of on-staff certified asbestos inspectors. Prior to the acquisition of any building, we can prepare an inventory of improvements. Also, we inspect properties after they have been vacated to verify that the improvements listed on the inventory remain in place and notify the client of any missing items.

Once any acquired buildings are vacated, we can verify that the utility services have all been discontinued and that the meters have been removed.

ARROW also coordinates the disposal of any marketable goods remaining in vacated properties. ARROW has the capability to offer boarding and sealing, or can facilitate preparing the necessary estimates and bidding documents for boarding and sealing contracts in compliance with procedures. ARROW also can initiate all advertising and solicitation for boarding and sealing contracts, and then conduct the bid opening followed by providing all necessary documentation.

ARROW initiates and prepares all necessary documents for contracting property maintenance post-acquisition, such as lawn care, shrub trimming, litter cleanup, and snow removal. ARROW can also initiate and prepare all necessary documents for contracting the demolition or removal of structures.

ARROW inspects acquired buildings weekly for any unauthorized entry, unsafe exterior conditions, or necessary maintenance. We can perform these functions or when requested, provide the necessary coordination to obtain these services.

Our certified asbestos inspectors are authorized to inspect and identify potential asbestos-containing materials, take the appropriate samples, send them for testing and assess the risks. After results are turned to ARROW, our inspectors can supply official reports identifying the risks of asbestos and recommend abatement methods for the client.