Relocation assistance is an integral service provided by ARROW Land Solutions to occupants displaced by Eminent Domain. ARROW works closely with owner and tenant occupants to ensure that their relocation occurs as smoothly as possible while adhering to both state and federal regulations.

Regular communication with occupants and clients ensures that all facets of the relocation are completed in a timely and orderly fashion, within project timelines and budget requirements.

Residential Relocations

Residential relocations can be quite complex. Our team of experienced agents assures displaced occupants that their relocation will go smoothly and ensure that all residential occupants have a successful relocation experience. Some of our residential assistance services include:

  • Pre-acquisition interviews and pre-acquisition report preparation
  • Relocation advisory assistance
  • Residential real estate market availability searches
  • Section 8 housing searches
  • Replacement housing and rent supplement computations, including housing of last resort
  • Obtaining commercial moving cost estimates and preparation of moving cost payment
  • Exterior and interior decent; safe and sanitary inspection
  • Processing of relocation applications and payments
  • Property management of vacated dwellings

Business Relocations

Business and non-residential relocations are often the most complex, challenging and labor-intensive types of relocation. Whether helping businesses find a replacement site to continue operation, or to facilitate the termination of its operation, ARROW is capable of handling all aspects of the intricate business relocation process while adhering to both state and federal regulations and guidelines.

In addition to the service listed under residential relocations our business relocation assistance service also includes:

  • Non-residential real estate market availability searches
  • Search cost estimate review
  • Reestablishment expense calculation
  • Dislocation damage calculations
  • Machinery, equipment and personal property inventory recording and documentation
  • Facilitation of the disposition or auction of purchased good and equipment
  • Preparation of moving cost trainings, when necessary.